May 8, 2021

Hello again

Hello from 2021, it's been a long time since I wrote on this blog.

I started a draft post in February 2014 announcing: "I have been accepted for a writing residency at Prairie Center of the Arts and will spend March completing my book All Things That Rise."

I haven't posted anything since then because life. I did go to the residency foe a whole month, and I did "finish" All Things That Rise. The book was my thesis for an MFA in writing and I earned the degree with honors (May 2014). 

In 2015 I took a sabbatical and Chris and I took off in a camper to explore what ended up being 26,000 miles of the American west. I blogged about that elsewhere and I kept on writing poetry, largely for myself and a group of grad school friends who kept up a private monthly blog. It was amazing how long that lasted.

Life has continued. Chris and I returned to the east coast in October 2016, got married in October 2017, bought a house in one of the hilltowns in June 2018, and have by now started building a studio for him on our property. I'm still writing, in an office of my own. Feeling somewhat more settled in life has left room for creative growth and for new explorations into creative community.

I set up a LinkTree to make available my recently published work in RIC Journal, Beir Bua Journal, and Hearth & Coffin Journal (which are all free and available to view online), and I post updates on Twitter as @ObjetAutre

A couple other pieces are coming out this month (in May) including some recent work of what I call Poem Objects, and something older, one of my favorite long poems from my thesis -- after all this time, I used some quiet days by the fire this winter to dust off All Things That Rise.

In the meantime, here's one of the pieces in RIC Journal, you can see the rest on their website --