about alexis

Alexis Fedorjaczenko

This blog showcases my creative work. I recently earned a Master in Fine Arts at WCSU with a thesis in poetry and essay from Western Connecticut State University. I worked on the manuscript, called All Things That Rise, over the last 4-5 years in spurts of research in public archives and online, wandering the abandoned and often crumbling mills by the river in Holyoke, Massachusetts, writing, outlining, re-writing, and finally writing some more and then shaping, editing a lot away.

I also hold a Masters in Public Health (Policy) from Yale University and work as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Connecticut Department of Social Services. Before this I was a graphic designer and I love the intersection of graphics and data (done well).

I am interested in travel and minimalist living, studying Russian language and history, making artist's books, and researching the social sciences. I like architecture but don't do enough about that interest (yet). I live and work in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

alexis [dot] fedorjaczenko [at] gmail [dot] com